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About Dani

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My name is Dani Davis, and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist and an awesomeologist since 2012! My job and my goal is to make you feel as awesome as you possibly can. This includes improved mobility, flexibility, pain free movement, and retrain the brain.  Our bodies are designed to heal itself, and it’s my job to get the right pieces working to give you the optimal chance to heal correctly and efficiently.  I will give you the tools and knowledge you need to help prevent injury and a great way to manage your pain. 

I'm constantly educating. Currently I have an Orthopedic Massage Certification and working on the Medical Massage Certification.  This in depth training is what helps most of my clients feel their best. 

I absolutely love critters! To the point I have 15 chickens ( each of them with names), 2 dogs, and a beautiful horse. Ask if I have any eggs!


My husband, Cameron, is the best human I could possibly ask for! He has supported me throughout my whole career and encouraged me start my own business.  My Mom is one that gets worked on every week.  Her injuries have been my prime motivation in my studies. I wasn't happy with the results with current medicine practices and went out to discover amazing possibilities.  She is improving everyday and managing her pain with little medication.  Mom is definitely my hero and biggest fan.

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