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More Gains  Less Pains

Crossfit Athletes!! Do you know how important shoulder mobility is?  Think about that over head squat. Proper mobility is crucial for injury prevention and best gains possible by using the whole muscle.  

Minor soft tissue injuries  can be a constant annoyance.  Finding these buggers is simple and effective.  With a series of stretches and exercises YOU will keep up with our therapy and enjoy pain free movement.  

If you can relate I've got your back! Call Dani Davis at (304)610-1947 for a free interview and schedule your first hour.

Instant pain relief sounds too good to be true.  Orthopedic massage does just that!

  • Increase joint mobility PAIN FREE

  • Increase flexibility.  PAIN FREE

  • Muscle Activation  PAIN FREE

Want to nail your next overhead press? In one session we can increase shoulder mobility so you can crush your next workout!


What is orthopedic massage?  We work with the connective tissue on the inside of the joints.  This is not an adjustment.  We lengthen the correct muscles and shorten the weak to create a stable environment. Then the joint capsule work begins.  Working within PAINFREE movement, we release the glue-like tissues on the inside of the joint.  After we have the body back into alignment, it’s up to YOU at home.  You will be given a series of exercises and stretches to continue your therapy and healing process.  

What people are saying

Sarah recommends Basic Elements Therapeutic  Massage.

May 1 ·

Dani is so knowledgeable about her field. Her therapeutic massages have worked miracles!

4/18/19, 1:58 pm

Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time

She is awesome a miracle worker.

Ashley recommends Basic Elements Therapeutic Massage.

April 1 ·

Dani is amazing. Went my first time last week and already feeling better and looking forward to my next appointment!


3/28/19, 6:47 am

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time

She was friendly and welcoming. She explained everything in a manner that was understandable and was very knowledgeable about the body. I highly recommend her.

Pauline recommends Basic Elements Therapeutic Massage.

November 24, 2018 ·

Danielle Has helped me more times that I Can count! She totally knows what she’s doing! She’s great at her job! I had rhabdomyolysis in my legs and she helped me get them moving again and back on the tennis and volleyball court. We talk about diet and exercise. She gives you homework and as long as you do it you’re on the road to a better life! I highly recommend her to anybody who has had injuries and needs a massage therapist.

7/26/16, 10:44 pm

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time

Like always,Jeanette relaxed me,loosened me up, and made the session great !! Jeanette is the best, hands down!! See ya again, soon!! 😃

6/29/16, 1:49 pm

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time

As always a great experience cannot complain about one single second of my session. Jeanette you went above and beyond and you are simply absolutely positively the very best!! See ya next week !!

3/17/16, 2:57 pm

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time

Simply the Best very professional very clean very comfortable atmosphere therapist was very friendly and confident in what she was doing will return many times :-)

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